KLP® Bridge Transoms

KLP® Hybrid Polymer Sleepers:
High-quality ductile polymer, reinforced with steel. Strong, stable, sustainable, recyclable.

Benefits and Features

Offset loads: Due to the strong steel/polymer construction, the transom is capable of handling high offset loads, typical when the rail and bridge support girders are offset.

Interchangeable: The transoms are designed to have structural characteristics comparable to the transom that it replaces. The 4 steel reinforcing bars provide the ability to handle large bending moments that are experienced in offset load conditions.

Noise Reduction: Polymer absorbs vibrations and reduces noise. A Dutch bridge fitted with KLP® Hybrid Polymer bridge transoms reduced noised by 3 to 5 dB.

Variable height: Transoms thickness can be increased so the underside can be machined to accommodate level variations in bridge girders. The additional thickness can allow up to  25mm of the base to be machined off. This can be done at the factory and delivered to site with base plates attached ready for installation.

Easy to install: Use same tools as for timber to machine and install, compatible with most fastening systems, no fibre content (no respiratory equipment required)

Environmentally friendly: Made from 100% recycled polymers, no toxic content, CO2 store, can be 100% recycled.

Durable and sustainable: Steel provides required stiffness, polymer absorbs impact and noise, excellent chemical resistance, electrically insulated, no rot or splintering, moisture and fungus resistant, excellent UV resistance.

Low life-cycle cost: 50 years design life, nearly maintenance free.

Sleeper Construction

Four steel rebars: The backbone, offers required strength and bending stiffness (particularly important for bridges with offset girders). The steel rebar contains thermal expansion to that comparable of concrete and steel.

High-quality ductile polymer: Encapsulates the steel bars, dampens impact, vibration and noise.

Dimensions: (l x w x h):
(2000 -2800) x 250 x (150 – 270)
(Sleepers of alternative dimensions can be developed, contact us)
Weight: Varies, comparable to that of similar sized timber.

Technical Performance

Axle loads: The load capacity depends on offset, contact us to discuss your requirements.

Installations & Approvals

Belgium 2018
Malaysia 2017 (girder bridge)
Netherlands 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014 (canted bridge), 2017 (ballasted bridge)

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