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Steel-Reinforced Polymer Railway Sleepers

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KLP® Hybrid Polymer Sleepers: High-quality ductile polymer, reinforced with steel. Strong, stable, sustainable, recyclable.

KLP® Sleeper Advantages

KLP® Hybrid Polymer Sleepers consist of highly ductile recycled polymer, reinforced with steel rebar and has advantages such as providing high stiffness, low thermal expansion and much more..


KLP® Mainline Track Sleeper

This weight-optimised sleeper delivers a lateral and longitudinal dynamic stiffness comparable to the product it replaces. The steel rebar and recycled polymer construction handle like timber. It maintains gauge over operational load and temperature range with margin to spare.

KLP® Switch & Crossing Sleeper

This strong steel-reinforced polymer sleeper provides lateral stability and maintains gauge with safety margin to spare. Handling and installation comparable to that of timber. Contains no fibres, therefore no respiratory equipment required when gridning, milling, drilling or handling.

KLP® Bridge Transom

Two types of sleeper cater for both offset and non-offset load cases. Bearers can be milled within millimeter accuracy; they can be delivered with pre-installed fastening systems.



KLP® Engineered Solutions

KLP® sleepers are designed to approximate the stiffness of the sleeper it replaces. Steel provides elastic strength. The recycled polymer offers ductile impact absorption.

KLP® Tested solutions

KLP® products have passed bending, fatigue, thermal expansion, UV tests, conductivity tests to name a few. The testing has been done to international standards by independent laboratories.

KLP® Production

Sleepers are produced by Lankhorst Engineered Products in the Netherlands, certified to ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environmental) and OHSAS 18001 (Safety).


Creating Opportunities

Engaging with parties in Australasia to determine the needs and opportunities for prospective clients in the rail industry.

link asia pacific

Service Agents for KLP®

Link Asia Pacific is the sole agent for Lankhorst Engineered KLP® sleepers in Australasia. We work with clients to identify opportunities and facilitate the exchange of technical information to enable Lankhorst to provide solutions to clients. Orders are placed directly to Lankhorst .

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