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Link Asia Pacific (LinkAP) represents Lankhorst Engineered Products BV for the Australian Railway Market.

Since 2006, Lankhorst Engineered Products BV offers alternative sleeper solutions for the use of timber, especially hardwood and chemicals used for the conservation of wood. These sleepers has been developed as an alternative for creosoted oak, hardwood and concrete to last 50+ years.

Sleepers are produced with a patented production process. The product is produced with recycled plastic and reinforced steel, and is profiled to provide similar properties to wood, in terms of strength, lateral and longitudinal resistance and stability in the ballast.

Specific applications for KLP® (“genuine Lankhorst products”) composite sleepers are:

  • On bridges, where concrete is deemed too brittle and too heavy, reduction of noise
  • On turnouts, especially non-standard types, as concrete has to be prefabricated and timber does not last that long
  • On main track, where there is inferior ballast bed (concrete sleepers need considerable more ballast thickness than timber or composite)
  • On main track where maintenance is carried out by replacing timber sleepers

News: – Sneek, November 2016 – Approval Federal Railway Authority Germany

“Lankhorst is proud to announce that they have obtained approval by the Federal Railway Authority (Eisenbahn-Bundesamt) to install KLP® Hybrid Plastic Sleepers into the German rail network of Deutsche Bahn.”  –


KLP Plastic Hybrid Bridge Sleeper / Transom

KLP Plastic Hybrid Main Track Sleeper

KLP Plastic Hybrid Switch & Crossing Sleeper / Turnout Bearer